Warning signs of thunderstorm in Iran

By Guennadi Evstafiev, retired general of the foreign intelligence service - RIA Novosti.

The Iranian authorities and representatives of the Iranian elite are hastily transferring their deposits from European banks to banks in Asia and, of course, in Switzerland where, as a rule, sanctions are not taken into consideration. It is several billion dollars.

Many see it as one of the preliminary stages in Tehran's mobilization before a possible armed conflict with the United States and its allies, if the attempt to resolve the situation around the Iranian nuclear program does nothing. The Iranians probably remember their own lessons and the sad experience of Iraq, a neighboring country attacked by the American coalition also under the spurious pretext of "hiding stocks of weapons of mass destruction from the world community".

Despite the dissimilarity of the regimes and the political and economic potential of these two states, the scenario developed in Washington against Iran is strangely reminiscent of that planned for Iraq. However, there are indications that American strategists are insecure after the setbacks in Iraq, which means that resolving the problem through diplomatic means has an additional chance.

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