CO2 sequestration, an interesting but costly avenue ...

Among the possible solutions to permanently get rid of this bulky CO2, the most popular is to bury it, to sequester it geologically.

By sequestering means:

  • or transformed (chemically or physically) in a permanently stable material.
  • or imprison it in geological reservoirs as we plan to do to store hydrogen.
  • Below we will discuss emerging technologies in storage CO2.

    Unfortunately, this storage can only be applied to fixed infrastructures. The prospects are most interesting for the activities of energy production. Transport activities (as long as the fuel cell has not become the standard) as well as agricultural activities are excluded, which limits their scope. Sequestration still offers interesting opportunities.

    To permanently store the CO2 several techniques are possible and mastered.

    Landfilling CO2 involves four main stages:

  • separation (or capture)
  • compression,
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  • transportation,
  • storage.
  • A study made by the IFP (Institut Français du Pétrôle), published on the Internet, provides an approximation of the CO2 storage costs.

    this possibility currently only applies to the field of energy production and heavy industry

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