The sustainable development week of April 1 7 to 2008er

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The sustainable development week will it next week.

The organization of the Sustainable Development Week (SDS) was decided by the Prime Minister in November 2002. Led by the Ministry of Ecology, Development and Sustainable Development (MESD), this operation aims to:

- Inform the public about the components of sustainable development (economic development, environmental protection, social progress) and their necessary complementarity: there can be no economic development without social progress and environmental protection.

- Motivate and support behavior change by explaining the good daily practices to adopt for sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Week 2008

The theme of the week will 2008 sustainable production and consumption. This theme is at the junction of 3 components of sustainable development.

Our patterns of production and consumption have a direct bearing on sustainable development: when we buy a product, we also buy the working conditions of those who produce, manufacturing conditions, evolution and destruction of the product and therefore their impact on the planet and on human beings.

Participants must organize their actions based on the theme sustainable production and consumption, they can be treated in its various aspects (waste, energy, fair trade, transport, eco-labels, housing, tourism, leisure ...) in order to inform and to educate the public, and give it the means to act in everyday life.

Special Information: students of the Echo Moteur² project the water doping Gillier Pantone will participate in this week and the 4 5 April to Douai.

More: Download the Nord pas de Calais program with the Echo-Engine project (Gillier Pantone) of Douai School of Mines

The Echo moteur² project underway

Search Engine 1939 2008 events of the week


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