Heating with wood, why?

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Why choose to heat with wood?

In full or in addition, wood heating is the most econological energy that is in good condition to equip!

Currently it is an energy that, if the facility is designed well, can be very comfortable while being very attractive financially. In other words, you can combine comfort and financial savings while, of course, preserving the planet's resources.

Here are some arguments that should, hopefully without any commercial interest, convince you to choose the firewood.

Wood is a real sustainable energy unlike other alternative energies whose worst is undoubtedly the geothermal but is nevertheless widely defended by EDF ... and for good reason.

But beware, wood heating, which also presents some inconvients be aware.

Yesterday, the buche was the only way to burn wood but today there are many forms of wood, some of which (pellets) have the comfort level equal to oil or gas.

Heating with wood, a good choice? Without a doubt!


woodburning Benefits

- Can be used in heating supplement a heating oil or gas boiler. For example between seasons where conventional boiler poor performance and could be cut (at least for heating).

- Balance sheet CO2 or near zero.

- Fuel cheap compared to the price of fossil fuels (see comparative prices of heating fuels).

- Very low price of wood if you do it completely yourself. It will cost you time, sweat and some fresh.

- Completely renewable energy source, provided that the forest is managed sustainably (which is the case in most countries of Western Europe).

- Make play sports for those who split their wood or even slaughter their wood themselves!

- Choice of varied forms of fuel and different origins: traditional logs with pellets from sawmill through the wood chips! See page: types of firewood.

- Development and maintenance of the local economy! By heating to the wood you, creating sustainable and local jobs in your area!

- Development of new channels éconologiques more sharing of renewable resources, more local, less power to big lobbies of energy ...

- Valuation of under wood products (cutting waste, sawdust ...) 2ieme economic development.

- Low price fluctuations (even if timber prices are aligned, to a certain extent, on oil).

- Morally, it makes you less dependent on and responsible oil and gas conflict and geopolitical internationnale.

- Beauty of a visible flame in the living room, stove or fireplace can add an important "cachet" to your home.

- Function pyschologique antidéprime and relaxing stoves or inserts visible flame. Furthermore, the beneficial effect on the morale of the infrared radiation (all stoves emit) is known and recognized by medicine since the 60 years (research by NASA during the Apollo program in particular).

wood heating drawbacks

- Binding if you are 100% Wood (DHW and heating included).

- Care and maintenance generally higher than oil or gas.

- Requires constant attention (ie periodic recharging) except for the automatic feeding device (wood chips, pellets).

- Prices are not regulated: they vary from one region to another.

- Low power control (except pellets) and therefore requires a much larger storage volume than oil. Example: must 3,5 times the volume with pellets with the fuel and almost 10 times with wood chips.

- Requires a place of dry and ventilated storage.

- Clogging faster the fireplace, especially if the wood fuel is of poor quality. Read the article on different types of firewood.

- Can greatly pollute the CO (lethal!), Particles and soot with a poorly tuned heater or a poor fuel quality (see analyzes of the combustion of wood)

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