Scholars cursed T1

Scholars cursed, excluded Researchers: Volume 1

Peter Lance
Language: French Publisher: Editor Guy Tredaniel (22 September 2003)
Collection: Survivors illegal and prohibited cures
Format: Paperback - 360 pages
ISBN: 2844454577
Dimensions (in cm): x 16 2 24 x

cursed scholars

Scholars of the book:

Paul Kammerer - Austrian biologist, proved the inheritance of acquired characters, still denied today by geneticists: "suicide" by the Nazis in 1926

Antoine Béchamp - Professor of medical chemistry, demonstrated against Pasteur that bacteria and viruses can come from our cells and that asepsis in living beings is non-existent

Jules Tissot - Professor of physiology, confirmed Béchamp's theses with photographs of cells of astonishing precision

René Quinton - Discovered the chemical identity of our blood and seawater. He was world famous in 1906 for having saved thousands of children from cholera

Marcel Ferru - Professor of infantile medical clinic, demonstrated the ineffectiveness and harmfulness of the BCG vaccine that France is the only European country to have made compulsory

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Edgard Nazare - Aeronautical engineer, invented the "aerothermal power station", producing solar electricity, which he could not get accepted.

Marcel Macaire - Doctor of Science, explained the orderly distribution of all celestial bodies and denied the dogmas of the expansion of the universe

René Jacquier - Chemical engineer, invented an effective oxygenation process against serious diseases, especially cardiovascular. Little-known invention

Antoine Priore - Electronics engineer, invented a "cancer cure machine" by radiation of magnetic fields. Little-known invention

Jean Solomidès - Doctor, invented substances capable of destroying cancer cells. Discovery ignored despite evidence of its effectiveness

Mirko Beljanski - Doctor of Science, created effective drugs against cancer but could not get them approved. Persecuted to death, for having "illegally" cured

Loïc Le Ribault - Doctor of Science, renovator of the French scientific police, proved the therapeutic efficacy of organic silicon, approved abroad, but not in France. Prosecuted for "illegal practice of medicine".

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