natural soap without waste

Natural soap without waste better for your health and the planet

Humans are increasingly striving to limit their impact on the environment. As a result, actions to reduce the use of non-ecological products are increasing. These are not limited to a particular sector. It is in this context that the zero waste movement was born, which is applied among others in the field of cosmetics. What is it and what are the advantages of using waste free soaps?

What is zero waste?

Le zero waste is an initiative aimed at reduction of waste production by human beings. Even if the main source of the problem is industries and other structures, working at the individual level can help to improve things. If each household undertook to consume the least harmful products possible for the environment, it would have a positive effect on it. To this end, various alternatives allow you to participate as you wish in the preservation of the environment.

One of them remains theuse of waste-free soaps. Playing the same role as conventional gels or liquid soaps, these products offer many benefits to their users. For the latter, these alternatives thus represent the perfect solution to assert their ecological commitment. Thus there are many ranges and manufacturers of natural cosmetics limiting waste and the use of chemicals for their preparation.

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Why choose waste-free soaps?

There are many reasons for using waste free soaps. These products offer advantages that go far beyond their ecological side.

They are environmentally friendly

Waste free soaps are all there is to it ecological. As the name quite well suggests, they do not contain harmful residues. These cosmetics are made cold, which involves processes that use very little energy. The technique is also known as cold saponification. In addition, this method of manufacture results in the discharge of an insignificant amount of wastewater into nature.

In addition, the ingredients used for the soaps without waste are all ofnatural origin. They are most of the time selected according to their properties and the type of skin of the users. These include among others'oils or butters of vegetable origin. An aqueous liquid is also necessary for the manufacturing process of soaps without waste to reduce the amount of soda. It can be water, fruit juice or even milk.

In addition, unlike conventional cosmetics, waste-free soaps do not need preservatives (which are mostly harmful to the planet) to keep their freshness and their efficiency. It should also be noted that their use limits the release of waste into the environment. Solutions exist in all areas to limit these releases as much as possible. This is how solid cosmetics are packaged in packaging as simple as it is ecological (wood cellulose, certified organic and compostable) to limit their impact on the environment at each stage.

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These natural soaps are economical

Another positive point for waste-free soaps is that they are Opportunities. They can indeed serve their users much longer. It is possible to use it over a period of beyond 4 to 5 weeks. Depending on the pace of use, the time of use can even go up to 6 weeks or more. This means that with the purchase of an ecofriendly bar of soap, the consumer can have their product for a long time before the need to redeem it arises. It's a way for him to save money in the long run.

These natural soaps are healthy

Made mostly from natural ingredients, waste-free soaps are that are safe. Depending on the type purchased, they have positive effects on the skin. For example, it will be possible to find solid cosmetics made with olive oil. This component has softening and soothing virtues for the skin. There is also honey which is particularly hydrating for the epidermis. It is possible to learn a little more here on its many benefits.

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These natural soaps are practical

Litter-free soaps are solid, which makes them very practice. For their use, the consumer does not encounter any particular difficulty and there are no more questions concerning the dosage or the quantity. This is a concern that is often encountered with shower gels, for example. Users tend to use a little too much with the intention of always getting more lather.

Finally, these products are ideal for travel because they are easy to move. They do not take up much space and it is possible to cut them into smaller bars of soap if necessary.

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