Ivermectin, an effective treatment against Covid-19, will it suffer the same fate as Hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine, the basis of the treatment of Professor Didier Raoult, which gives results for early cases of Covid-19, suffers the wrath of the "competent" authorities and a massive discrediting campaign on the internet, in the media and via "highs" scientific studies (some of which were quickly shown to be fraudulent). Hydroxychloroquine continues to unleash passions […]

Plant VS Animal Protein: Health, Nutrition and Environment

Animal and plant proteins - Nutritional powers and environmental issues Proteins are water-soluble macromolecules used in the constitution of any organic tissue (bone, muscle ... etc.). They physiologically ensure the functions of hormones, enzymes, antibodies. If the proteins exist in innumerable forms, all of them consist only of a molecular assembly of 22 amino acids called proteinigenic. [...]


Opé2017, participatory platform against planned obsolescence

Please find hereafter the press release of the UFC concerning the launch of the participatory platform Opé2017 against the scheduled obsolescence! The C2017C Community, DemocracyOS, GreenIT.fr, Stop Obsolescence Programmed (HOP), the Friends of the World, have decided to include the issue of obsolescence organized in the programs of the presidential and legislative candidates of 2, ...]

Le Potager du Sloth: origin, objectives and principles Video

Le Potager du Sloth, video presentation by Didier Helmstetter (aka Did67): its origin, its objectives and principles ... Legend of the introductory photo: "The owner of the Potager du Sloth surprised at work ... explanation! The "Lazy Potager" is a way to produce vegetables "more than organic", in abundance, without any work of the [...]

Forbidden Country Doctors of the World against price gouging of some drugs

Yesterday the association Médecins du Monde has broadcast an advertising campaign "incisive" on the Internet about the price of abusive drug treatment. The campaign has, in fact, been refused broadcast by "traditional" displays by the Authority of professional regulation of advertising (ARPP). JCDecaux, MediaTransport and the Insert have therefore refused the displays of this [...]

The vegetable lazy

La Potager du Sloth: produce vegetables "more than organic" almost without work!

La Potager du Sloth, produce vegetables "more than organic", almost without work, with yields equivalent to those of a classical garden: a dream? Not in the "Lazy Potager"! DR photos: Didier Helmstetter. Introductory photo "Lazy Potager in Action, its motto: less active ingredients; no more gray matter! In what he [...]

Diseases for sale or the shenanigans of the pharmaceutical industry Big Pharma

Four documentaries to understand the underside of the cards of the “big pharma” industry and the Health and Disease system for sale, Arte Thema. November 2011 Arte Thema on the commercial excesses of the pharmaceutical industry… Cash Investigation: The sellers of diseases. July 2015 Cash Investigation: Health: the law of the market. September 2015 Big Pharma, all-powerful labs, […]

Chernobyl, human and environmental consequences

Review of the Chernobyl disaster by the New York Academy of Sciences, full text in English. 349 pages .pdf. 2010 Original title: "Chernobyl. Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment »Summary by P.Langlois:« According to a book published in 2010 by the New York Academy of Science and entitled «Chernobyl: Consequences of the [...]

human and economic assessment of the Chernobyl disaster by IAEA

Review of the Chernobyl disaster by the IAEA published in 2005 .pdf of 260 pages. Other sources report a balance sheet and figures quite different from those published by the IAEA, see links and extracts below. More: - Debate and information on the Chernobyl balance: global cost and human and health balance [...]

Fukushima nuclear disaster, another Chernobyl?

No one can ignore the desperate nuclear situation at the Fukushima 1 Daiichi power plant ... We are well ahead of a desperate situation despite attempts to minimize industrial actors or government but also, and this is less understandable or acceptable, some actors French politics ... On econologie.com, we are not "viscerally" anti-nuclear: we [...]

Shale gas extraction, environmental and health risks

Shale Gas Review Board. Investigation and Public Hearing Report Quebec Report by the BAPE (Office of Public Hearings on the Environment) of 144 pages on the exploration and exploitation of shale gas and the potential environmental, health and social problems of its exploitation . Introduction Shale gas exploration and development projects [...]

Guide to electromagnetic fields and health standards

Electromagnetic fields and health. Your Guide to the Electromagnetic Landscape Complete guide to 40 pages of the Belgian Government on electromagnetic waves and their possible effects on public health: nature of waves and electromagnetic fields, energy levels and warning thresholds, biological effects, regulation, Question / answers ... Read more and debate: electromagnetic waves [...]

An oil boiler without polluting inspired by a doping with internal water

When burning fuel oil (gas oil) one of the products of combustion is steam. This water vapor is often forgotten when we speak of the rejects of the combustion of hydrocarbons, but steam has a major influence on the climate (see combustion equations and CO2), but this is not [ ...]

GM and dioxins: The World According to Monsanto. A shocking documentary tonight on Arte Thema

Documentary by Marie-Monique Robin (France, 2007, 1h48mn) Coproduction: ARTE France, Image and Company, Thalie Productions, National Film Board of Canada, WDR "I have never seen a society that has such a decisive influence a level as high on the governmental authorities in charge of the regulation as Monsanto with its GMOs. »[...]

Download: Report on Urban Transport: energy and organization

Project of Technological Research carried out by Christophe Martz at the ENSAIS and supported at the end of January 2001. It is a study of congestion in urban centers and an inventory of the various technological solutions that could improve air quality and traffic conditions in urban centers. Unanimous conclusion: the organization and the behaviors of [...]

domestic toxicity: Cosmetox guide

Cosmetic guide: health risks of cosmetics Keywords: cosmetics, cosmetics, pollution, chemicals, health, impact, classification. Low biodegradability (persistence), ability to accumulate in living tissues (bioaccumulation), these are their common characteristics of the chemicals contained in cosmetic products for everyday use. Most are controversial about their potential impacts [...]

The Greenhouse Effect: Will we change the climate?

by Hervé Le Treut, Jean-Marc Jancovici Flammarion, 2004 Summary: Since the appearance of life, man is the first species able to disrupt the climatic conditions prevailing on Earth. In less than a century, the increase in the greenhouse effect, a consequence of an increasing use of energy, is likely to cause an unprecedented warming of […]

Mobile phones, danger? All guinea pigs?

Mobile phones, Danger? Documentary on the risks of Electromagnetic Waves from mobile telephony, with Jean-Pierre Lentin in particular It is one of the very first documentary on the danger of waves, produced in the early 2000s. Keywords: relay antenna, mobile phone, danger , health, precautionary principle, health study. The major French TV channels […]