Geneva Motor Show, the green car, a commercial argument?

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The so-called "green" cars seem to be the stars of the Geneva Motor Show, which will open its doors next Thursday.

Once again the trend "green" is fashionable but this is true especially in the media and trade shows, on the road, still too few cars say "clean" circulate ... In fact the name "less dirty Would be more fair but so less selling ...

Automakers will be doing the presentations of their new models in an néamoins quite sluggish economy.

At the 2 great french manufacturers:
- Renault presents its new 4X4-SUV Koleos, the Clio Sport (here are 2 beautiful examples of "green" cars) and the Sandero, five-door version of the Logan Dacia.
- PSA Peugeot Citroën presents the new 308 SW and C5 Tourer.

To smaller and more efficient vehicles?

Small vehicles are numerous at the Geneva Motor Show: their more attractive price (linked to the drop in "purchasing power") and their reduced emissions of CO2 are the main 2 arguments. Especially since the policies are currently launching actions and campaigns to "favor" vehicles emitting less CO2 ... pushed by the European Union which wants to lower CO2 emissions from 160 to 120g / km for new vehicles.

Here is a good reason for manufacturers to develop hybrid vehicles but especially at the top end, for the heavier and more powerful vehicles. See a "practical" example with the previous news on PSA strategy change for hybrid hdi.


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