Saakashvili announced a gas agreement between Tbilisi and Tehran

Tbilisi, January 27, 2006 - Iran will begin to supply Georgia with gas on January 29 or 30, Georgian President Milhail Saakashvili announced on Friday (27 January) at the cabinet meeting.

According to, Saakashvili did not specify the price, or even the volume of gas that Georgia plans to import from Iran, via Azerbaijan.

"According to this contract, the Iranian side will begin to supply a minimum volume of gas to Georgia, from Sunday or at the latest Monday," said the Georgian head of state who has also denied rumors that Georgian television fueled the price of Iranian gas. "In this given situation, the price {of Iranian gas} is very favorable to Georgia," insisted Saakashvili.

Earlier, the Georgian media had indeed raised a price up to 120 dollars for 1.000 m3 Iranian gas, 10 dollars more than Russian gas.

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