RT2012: to bioclimatism for all new buildings?

The decree of the RT2012 was published at the end of October 2010. The RT2012 will replace the RT2005 as following:

a) to all building permits filed more than one year after the date of publication of the decree - either from 28 October 2011 - for new buildings for office or teaching use, childcare establishments and residential buildings constructed in the ANRU zone;
(b) all building permits filed on or after 1st January 2013 for other new buildings for residential use.

This new 2012 thermal regulation seems to us to be much more rigorous, not to say presumptuous, than RT2005, in particular with regard to the “bioclimatism” criterion (Bbiomax) which cannot reasonably be obtained by all new buildings, for simple reasons of 'land use unfavorable to climatism (orientation of the building towards the road, solar mask… etc…).

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Le debate is launched on the subject of RT2012.


- The thermal regulation RT2012 on the forums
- Download the full text of the RT2012 (decree)
- Download the full text of the RT2005 (for comparison)
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- Forum eco-construction and HQE

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