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Electric driving on 2 wheels: what will change in 2021

Riding on 2 wheels is the choice of many city dwellers who have to face urban traffic saturated by private vehicles and public transport. It must be admitted that this means of transport is more practical, especially with the arrival of electric models on the French market, motorcycle enthusiasts can combine business with pleasure by reducing their ecological impact. The enthusiasm for electric motorcycles and scooters can be explained in particular by the diversification of models in recent years, but also by the implementation of tax measures, acquisition bonuses as well as provisions favorable to their circulation in the environment. urban. Since 2020 for example, electric scooters can circulate on the lanes reserved for buses and taxis to avoid traffic. It is also worth remembering the many savings that you can enjoy through the use of a electric motorcycle : low maintenance, 10 times less fuel expenditure ... And to that is added the comfort of use thanks to the absence of vibration and gas odors.

Electric mobility is also strongly encouraged through many devices that are subject to periodic updates. For this year 2021 for example, it is still possible to take advantage of an ecological bonus with the purchase. There is also something new with regard to the regional ecological tax and the Crit'Air sticker. Update on what is changing in 2021 for people who drive 2 electric wheels.

The bonuses of electric motorcycles and scooters in 2021

Le ecological bonus is a financial aid provided for the purchase of two-wheeled vehicles with electric motors. It therefore does not concern those who work with a lead-acid battery and does not imply resource conditions as is the case for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

To obtain this bonus, you must also agree not to resell the vehicle within one year of its registration or before it reaches the 2000 km at the meter.

Note that it is also valid for rental.

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How much is the ecological bonus for electric motorcycles and scooters?

Amount you have to pay ecological bonus is determined according to the maximum net power of the 2-wheel engine.

For vehicles with a power of 2 kW or more or 3 kW, the premium is set at 250 euros per kWh of battery energy within the limit of 27% of the acquisition cost of the vehicle including all taxes or the ceiling of the 2021 ecological bonus which is 900 euros.

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The purchase of a new two-wheeler whose power is less than 2 kW also allows you to benefit from an ecological premium equivalent to 20% of the purchase price within the limit of 100 euros.

It is important to know that the European standard that applies to define the power of the motorcycle or scooter is Directive 2002/24 / EC or EU Regulation 168/2013.

The terms of payment of the ecological bonus

Many specialist sellers now offer vehicle models affected by these ecological bonuses for electric motorcycles and scooters provided by the administration. The premium maybe deducted directly from the price of the vehicle during the purchase from the dealer, and in this case, the invoice must clearly mention the bonus and the possible increase if this is foreseen.

You can also receive the ecological bonus in the form of reimbursement provided that you make a specific request online. In this case, you will have to fill in the form provided for this purpose on the public service website.

Special case of the ecological bonus in Île-de-France

An ecological bonus is provided for professionals established in the Île-de-France region and who wish to purchase a motorcycle or an electric scooter.

This device is particularly aimed at professionals and more precisely to auto-entrepreneurs, liberal professions, SARL, craftsmen, etc. which justify a tax identification number as well as to real estate companies.

As the bonus is limited to a maximum of 5 vehicles per company, its amount corresponds to 1 euros without exceeding 500% of the price of the vehicle excluding VAT.

Please note, to benefit from this subsidy, companies must also meet the conditions regarding annual turnover (less than or equal to 10 million euros) and workforce (less than 50 employees). As for the vehicle, it must have an engine power less than or equal to 10 watts.

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The ecological bonus applicable in intramural Paris

An ecological bonus corresponding to a sum of 400 euros and capped at 33% of the vehicle's purchase price excluding VAT is intended to apply specifically to intramural Paris.

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This subsidy relates more specifically to new vehicles whose speed does not exceed 45 km / h, operating with a lithium battery and having an engine power of 2000 W or less.

The benefit of this bonus can be combined with other existing devices for the purchase of motorcycles and electric scooters.

The bonus in Nice

Individuals residing in the city of Nice can also benefit from a premium corresponding to 25% of the purchase price including VAT of the new electric two-wheeler and capped at 200 euros per material.

The price of the regional tax version 2021 for the gray cards of electric motorcycles and scooters

The regional tax, also known as the Y1 tax, is determined on the basis of the engine power multiplied by the cost of a fiscal horse, which varies according to the region.

Good news for those who bought a motorcycle or an electric scooter in 2021, because it is exempt from regional tax in most regions except Center-Val de Loire and Brittany, where the exemption is set at only 50%. The exemption from the regional tax on clean vehicles also does not apply in the Overseas Territories. Thus, it is set at 41 euros in Guadeloupe, 42,50 euros in Guyana, 51 euros in Réunion and 30 euros in Mayotte and Martinique.

The Crit'Air sticker for electric motorcycles and scooters

The Crit'Air sticker or Air Quality Certificate was put into circulation from July 1, 2016 in Paris. It was put in place to facilitate the identification of vehicles that are authorized or not to access and circulate freely in restricted traffic areas in the event of a high pollution peak and the installation of differentiated circulation in EPZs (Low Emission Zones).

The establishment of the Crit'Air sticker concerns both cars and 2-wheelers.

It is determined according to the level of pollution and the registration date of the vehicle concerned and is defined by a distinctive color and number.

What is the Crit'Air sticker to place on motorcycles and electric scooters?

To be able to circulate during peaks of pollution and in restricted traffic areas, motorcycles and electric scooters must be fitted with the Crit'Air sticker which corresponds to their degree of atmospheric pollution.

Having a motorbike or electric scooter allows you to have a green badge corresponding to the Crit'Air 0 sticker suitable for 100% electric and hydrogen vehicless.

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Where to place the Crit'Air sticker?

The sticker must be visible on the fork motorbike or electric scooter. If your vehicle is equipped with it, you can also highlight it at the level of the bubble.

How to get the Crit'Air Vignette?

To buy the Crit'Air sticker to place on your motorcycle or electric scooter, you must go to on the dedicated website, then complete the request form. The badge will be sent to you by post to the address mentioned on your registration certificate, after a waiting period of 10 days on average.

Where is the use of the sticker compulsory?

The vignette is required to travel during peak pollution and in low-emission mobility zones (ZFE-m) such as Paris, Lyon-Villeurbanne, Lille, Grenoble, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

From June 1, 2021, its presentation will also be required in Le Grand Paris and its 79 municipalities where thumbnail checks will be put in place and in particular video over-tagging.

What is the price of the Crit'Air sticker?

The Crit'Air sticker for electric motorbikes and scooters is 3,62 Euros. This rate includes postage costs. You must take care to order your certificate from the government site to pay for it at the right price, as third-party sites offer to order it from you for a higher price.

Its validity is unlimited, renewal being necessary only when the badge is damaged and has become illegible.

What are the offenses?

Driving in an ZFE-m such as Paris for example, without your Crit'Air sticker constitutes an infringement of the regulations. It is sanctioned by the minimum fine of 45 euros if the payment is immediate. This amount will be increased to 180 euros in the event of late payment.

Likewise, the fact of counterfeiting the badge or driving with an illegible badge, badly affixed, or which does not correspond to the category of your 2 wheels is punishable by a fine.

La sticker tampering is sanctioned by the payment of a minimum fine of 135 euros which can be increased to 750 euros.

Although the sanction does not result in the withdrawal of points on the driving license, it can nevertheless lead to immobilization and impoundment of your vehicle!

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