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Debate program "Response: Soaring oil prices, how far? "

Keywords: oil, energy, cost, increase barrel price, future, future.

Emission aired on April 23 5 to France 18h00 with the following guests: Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Yves Cochet, Eric Laurent, Jean-Marie Chevalier, Jean-Louis Schilansky and Michel-Edouard Leclerc.


We are in 2026 ...
The city is extraordinarily quiet. There are no more cars, airplanes and gasoline.

It's cold but we we heat more. Sweaters have replaced radiators. We have learned to live with the cold, in houses such as schools or hospitals.

It's hot but there's no air conditioning anywhere. There are no more fertilizers, insecticides, dyes, plastics, nylon ...

On a Sunday afternoon, let us remember a happy time that those under 20 did not know, a beautiful time when a barrel of oil flirted with 75 dollars, on a Sunday April 23 of the year 2006.

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At the time, we found it expensive! It was before the great crisis, it was a time when happiness flowed through our veins, like black gold in pipelines.
Since then, we have run out of oil.
Since then, we haven't had any ideas either ...

In 2006, we refused to listen to those who predicted the apocalypse, the end of oil, the end of our way of life.
Today, on this Sunday afternoon, we ask ourselves: "Why have the prices soared? Was there nothing we could do about it? Is there a life without oil? "

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