Marine breathing plays on climate

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A research group of the IFM-GEOMAR, the Institute for Marine Sciences of the Leibniz community, published in the latest edition of Science's work conclusions according to which the ocean "breathe". Scientists of Kiel have uses in exclusivity, in the Sea of
Labrador, a measurement robot with sensors to oxygen.

The research, conducted as part of an international project, show that in winter the sea "inspired" large amount of atmospheric oxygen. Like a lung, the Labrador Sea appears to be fueling much of the deeper layers of the Atlantic ocean in oxygen. The measurements show also that the oxygen absorbs quickly redistributes through the intermediary of ocean currents across the ocean.

This could have significant consequences for climate research because oceanic oxygen concentration is closely related to that of the atmosphere. This discovery opens the way for new research on climate change.

- Teacher. Arne Kortzinger, IfM GEOMAR - email:
Bibliography: "The Ocean Takes A Deep Breath", Science, 19 / 11 / 2004. authors
A. Kortzinger, J. Schimanski, U. Send, D. Wallace
Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release of the Leibniz Institute for
Marine Sciences, 18 / 11 / 2004
Editor: Antoinette Serban,


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