The depletion of oil resources: how to reorganize a global society?

To define this theme more precisely, the postgraduate students in the Specialized Master in Marketing, Management & Consulting from OMNIS School (Strasbourg Business and Management School) organized a conference.

This will be oriented around 3 round tables and 2 communications which will treat, according to different points of view, the support of this inescapable phenomenon.

  • The 1e round table will concern the economic and strategic aspect of the depletion of oil resources: problems of over quotation of Baril and Brent, what is the future of OPEC, its founding countries and oil groups.
  • But also, what will be the impacts on the world economy, the capitalist model will it be questioned?

  • The 2e round table will address the political field, including major questions about the political will of a real change in the French consumer system and the production system of companies. Can fiscal measures be concretely and quickly implemented at national and European level?
  • Finally, the 3e round table will treat from an ecological point of view, the emergence of new alternative energies to oil, are there energies that have a future, and if so, which ones and in which domain?
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    In addition, two communications are on the program:

    - one to introduce the 1st round table: it would therefore concern the service of an expert in petro-strategy on the impacts that the depletion of oil resources will have on the world economy;

    - the 2nd communication on the environment and the urgent need to react to the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions, necessary to introduce the 3rd round table.

    Date and place: Wednesday 30 November 2005, Palace of Music and Congress of Strasbourg.

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