The EDF network may experience heat

The strong heat Saturday and Sunday in Nantes (34 °) disrupted the electricity supply to 60.000 homes in the Nantes agglomeration. Several power cuts were reported by Electricité de France (EDF) concerning "overall 60.000 homes" but electricity was restored "for 95% in less than an hour," said EDF in a press release.

These failures are linked to a "resurgence of incidents on the underground electricity network", according to EDF.
“The majority would be caused by the failure of a type of junction box connecting two cables together. The insulating material constituting these boxes has deteriorated with heat causing a short circuit, ”notes the company.

Due to this "delicate situation", EDF announced in a press release that it would take measures "before the hot summer period".
The group has undertaken in particular an inventory of fragile cables in order to plan their replacement and released 500.000 euros for network element replacement operations in Pays-de-la-Loire.

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