National FR3 report: some details

After the broadcast on France3 of a report on a tractor modified in the Pantone, the Quanthomme site (the site at the origin of all this) provided some details that it seemed fair to share with you.

“According to the first testimonies, a certain number of things were said there which do not quite stick to reality. We confirm !

As this type of program is likely to multiply, we believe that it is better to take stock, which will in any case be useful to journalists who are going to visit our sites. "

Read more about these updates on the Quanthomme website.

For my part I would simply like to add (no more of what I said on the forum ) that the statement "1 L of water is equivalent to 13 L of fuel" is completely exaggerated. According to all the other modified tractors, 1 L of water is equivalent to 2 L of fuel. Strangely enough this value seems to be a "constant".
See the details of the calculations on this page.

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