argenda deconfinement 2021

Official deconfinement calendar: reopening, curfew and possible activities in May and June 2021

Deconfinement of May and June 2021 : the official schedule planned by the Élysée from May 3, 2021

The government has communicated different steps towards a “normal” life again. The key dates are May 3, 2021, May 19, 2021, June 9, 2021 and June 30, 2021. The only certainties are those concerning May 3. The decisions of the other dates will depend on the departmental health situations which would not have deteriorated too much. In reality, the decisions for May 3 are certain and others less and less as we move further into the future. One thing is certain: discos and nightclubs will not reopen this summer!

But let's be realistic, the situation on June 30 may be quite far from these forecasts and promises. In addition, the conditioning and gradual establishment of a health pass linked to mass vaccination is also worrying for our freedoms and our sanitary free will. A hindrance toHabeas Corpus ?

May 3, 2021 openings

May 19, 2021 possible activities

June 9, 2021 openings

June 30, 2021 deconfinement

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