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Renovation: changing your windows to obtain ecological housing

Renovating a house means giving it a facelift and bringing it up to comfort standards. However, the renovation of a home sometimes requires the installation of new openings or the replacement of existing ones. At a time when the preservation of the environment is at the heart of all debates, the choice of work to be done and materials to be installed must be carefully considered to limit our environmental impact as much as possible. Do you want to restore your habitat to make it more economical and ecological? Here are some examples of work to be done to get there.

Replace its shutters to have good insulation

When renovating your house, you quickly realize thatit is important to replace the shutters. Usually subjected to bad weather (hail, rain, strong wind, snow, etc.), these elements can present over time cracks, mold and closure problems. It is therefore essential to install new ones. When the shutters are of irreproachable quality, they provide better thermal insulation and thus allow you to improve the energy performance of your home. Rolling shutters in particular allow very little air to pass through and limit energy losses in the winter.

For the National Union for Closure, Solar Protection and Associated Professions (renamed Actibaie), the implementation of these elements may reduce your heating consumption by 6 to 37% over a whole year. This allows you to save energy and produce less greenhouse gases. Replacing high-performance shutters is therefore a good way to reduce your impact on the environment.

Nowadays, there are swing and roller shutters of very good quality like those offered by French storists. They combine charm and efficiency and provide good insulating performance. Regarding the different materials in which these elements are available, you have the choice between PVC and aluminum. These have the advantage of being recyclable. Their reusable nature reduces the amount of waste produced every year and released into the wild.

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Changing your front door to reduce your impact on the environment

An old and damaged front door is a real source of heat loss and easy access to noise pollution. Indeed, it represents a fragile border between the outside and the inside of the house. And advanced wear of this element can cause quite significant energy losses and allow unpleasant sounds from outside to filter out, especially if you live in a passage area. A new front door is an excellent way to overcome this problem.

In addition to reinforcing the security of your home, it helps to guarantee good thermal insulation by preventing heat loss. You use less energy and you help fight against the phenomenon of global warming. In addition, a new door is more airtight. It therefore blocks the passage of noise from outside and thus improves the sound insulation of your home. For the installation of an environmentally friendly door, you can opt for an armored entrance door made of steel, a material acclaimed for its durability. But the production of this metal remains one of the most energy intensive sectors.

Better to choose a model made of aluminum, PVC or wood. These materials have the advantage of being ecological, resistant and easy to maintain. In addition, they offer several customization options and benefit from very good sound and thermal insulation performance.

Add a bay window to your home bioclimatic

The impact of our energy expenditure on the environment has been a subject that has been at the center of concerns for several years. Bioclimatism is a good solution to overcome excessive consumption of electrical energy. The installation of a bioclimatic bay window in its home is in perfect harmony with this concept. Indeed, thanks to the solar rays which penetrate more easily the glazing, these elements naturally heat your home.

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Thus, in winter a good amount of heat enters the building and does not leave it. This helps to reduce heating consumption during this period. In summer, on the other hand, to reduce the effects of the sun's rays and facilitate the entry of freshness into the different rooms of the house, it will be necessary to rely on a cleverly placed roof overhang or a blind to provide shade. Enough to reduce the use of the air conditioning system.

In addition, the installation of bay windows is a good solution if you want to gain in light and reconnect with nature. They offer an unobstructed view of the exterior and create a symbiosis with the surrounding landscape and vegetation. Very aesthetic, you can use the bay windows in renovation to replace your old doors or windows and give a new aspect to your living space.

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Install exterior or interior blinds to cool off without polluting the environment

When you aspire to renovate your home in an ecological way, the installation of blinds is imperative. Whether exterior or interior, these elements provide effective protection against solar radiation. In winter, blinds keep heat inside the home. In summer, however, they block heat and prevent it from entering the building. It is estimated that blinds can lower the temperature in your home by 2 to 5 ° C during the hot summer months. The installation of this device therefore frees you from the use of air conditioning and heating on a regular basis. Your greenhouse gas production is reduced and you fight against global warming.

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Depending on the density of the weave of the fabric, blinds filter 90 to 99% of ultra-violet (UV) rays. Likewise, they make it possible to regulate the exposure of rooms to light and to reduce glare. The blinds therefore improve the visual comfort of your property. Placed outdoors, the blinds also offer good protection against the vagaries of the weather, dust and a lot of other dirt. Interior blinds filter the light much more and add to the aesthetics of your interior. Depending on your needs, the chosen installation surface and the location, you can opt for an awning, a mosquito net, a Roman blind, a Japanese panel, a velum awning, etc.

To renovate your home, you can choose to carry out different opening works with ecological materials for your bay windows, exterior and interior blinds, etc. In addition to giving a new look to your home, you help reduce your energy consumption.

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