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How to reduce your energy consumption?

In France, most of the household budget is devoted to energy. However, whether for electricity or gas, it is possible to reduce its energy consumption by adopting simple everyday actions. We give you all the tips to make savings easily.

Take out a cheap contract with EDF, Engie, Total Direct Énergie, etc.

Before seeking to reduce your energy consumption, it is important that you first subscribe to the best contract. Not all energy suppliers are equal, to subscribe to EDF, Enercoop, Total Direct Énergie or any other supplier, do not hesitate to click here.
You can turn to EDF, the historic supplier, which markets electricity according to the TRV (a rate set by the State and among the most expensive on the market). You can also turn to more economical suppliers such as Engie or Total Direct Energy or to green suppliers such as Enercoop, ekWateur or Planète Oui.

To avoid wasting too much time looking for the most economical and best suited to your consumption, do not hesitate to use a comparator of offers.

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Use a gas and electricity comparator

In order to save precious time and do an exhaustive search, you can simply use a gas comparator or electricity. On the Internet you will easily find independent and free sites offering you the possibility of comparing the offers of different suppliers in order to find the ideal offer in a few clicks.
We tend to believe that the procedures for changing energy suppliers are complicated, but the process for subscribing to EDF, Engie, Total Direct Énergie, Enercoop or anyone else is almost automatic.
To change the energy contract, simply inform your new supplier and the latter will be responsible for the termination and subscription of your gas and electricity offers. Note that since the energy contracts are non-binding you can change at any time without any cost.

How to use energy better

Of course, reducing your energy consumption does not only mean better energy supply. To save money on a daily basis, we will also have to learn to use energy better.

Chasing “ghost” spending

Without realizing it, many electrical devices consume energy without being used. This is particularly the case for phone, computer, etc. chargers. who continue to consume electricity as long as they are connected to the mains.
The same goes for screens and devices left on standby. On average, preventing all phantom housing expenses can reduce your energy bill by 10% over the year.

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Lighting: use LED bulbs

Lighting remains one of the most energy-consuming items, but that is not inevitable. Indeed, to save money you can opt for LED bulbs rather than keeping your old halogen or incandescent bulbs.
In addition to consuming significantly less energy, LED bulbs last much longer (more than 10 hours of lighting on average) which makes these bulbs the most ecological on the market.

More advice on how to save electricity

The importance of insulation

If the energy bill is so high in France it is above all because the housing is very poorly insulated. Good insulation, however, prevents you from over-consuming the heating and / or air conditioning, which considerably reduces your energy consumption.
To insulate your accommodation you have various more or less effective opportunities, depending on your budget:

  • Installation of double or triple glazing
  • Attic insulation
  • Application of an insulating paint (it's not terrible but it's better than nothing)
  • Sealing of door and window frames: the worst thermal bridges are air leaks
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In order to spend less it is essential that you subscribe to an economic offer and that you adopt the right gestures on a daily basis. To find out more and reduce your energy consumption, you can also follow this link.

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