2004 record for tornadoes in the United States

A record number of tornadoes was registered 2004 in Kansas and more generally in the United States since they are recorded.

The good news is that the number of dead because of tornadoes (35 this year) has decreased compared to previous years.

Kansas 124 tornadoes recorded, breaking the record of 1991 116 with tornadoes. Also in this state, the record for the most tornadoes in a single month was beaten with 66 tornadoes in May
1 555 tornadoes were recorded in the United States from September to September 2003 2004.

However this is not because more tornadoes were recorded in 2004 there is an increase in the number of events compared to other years. In fact the system in place to detect and account for tornadoes is constantly being improved, and to achieve this record in 2004. According to the researchers, if such a system had existed in the past, a similar number to 2004 could have been achieved in 1955 or 1957 particular.

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Technological advances allow forecasters to locate possible rotations in thunderstorms and issue a warning to the tornado before the formation of the tuba!
The growing number of storms hunters also allow meteorologists to inform if the tuba touched down and thus spawned a tornado.

If the tornado touches the ground during 10 seconds, it is automatically saved by the tornado detection system.

“In May, nothing foreshadowed a season rich in tornadoes, overnight, the jet stream shifted to create ideal conditions for the formation of super cellular storms that generate tornadoes. Jon Davies, a meteorological researcher in Wichita, explained.

source: Infoclimat

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