nano-spike CO2 ethanol

Convert CO2 (+ water + electricity) into ethanol fuel by "nano-spike" catalysis!

Nano-Spike catalysis; Discovery of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory made a little ... by chance! The process makes it possible to obtain ethanol from CO2, electricity and water in the presence of a specific nano-catalyst called Nano-Spike. The reported return on electricity is 60 to 70%, which is acceptable provided renewable electricity is used (the process [...]


Energy Transition: Portugal powered during 4 days entirely with renewable electricity!

While France continues (almost) everything to rely on nuclear electricity ... countries are now, and regularly, beating records of production in renewable electricity! This month it is the turn of Portugal to realize a real tour de force of the renewable! A few days after Germany produced so much renewable electricity that producers [...]

Back on the Copenhagen conference

Back to Copenhagen by R.Guillet Rémi Guillet is an ECN Engineer (ex ENSM), he graduated in 1966. He is a doctor in energy mechanics from the Univ. H. Poincaré Nancy 1 (2002) and has a DEA Economie Paris 13 (2001) Debate and analysis: the non-summit of Copenhagen Fire 2009, and 2010 opens its "solar" cycle. [...]

Green Guide classification of mountain resorts

Green Guide to Alpine winter sports resorts Selective sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, development, renewable energies, public transport or social actions ... as many alternatives of sustainable development that are emerging and that can be supported in the resort. By the Green Guide of mountain resorts, the association wishes to encourage responsible mountain practices, [...]

Download: Report on Urban Transport: energy and organization

Project of Technological Research carried out by Christophe Martz at the ENSAIS and supported at the end of January 2001. It is a study of congestion in urban centers and an inventory of the various technological solutions that could improve air quality and traffic conditions in urban centers. Unanimous conclusion: the organization and the behaviors of [...]

World energy consumption

What is the global consumption of primary energy, its evolution since the beginning of the industrial era and the different sources of energy used by humanity? The answers to these 3 questions are in the graph below (click on the image to enlarge): Evolution of “commercial” energy consumption in millions of Tons of oil equivalent. Sources: Schilling & […]

Permafrost or permafrost

Warming: Permafrost at Risk Up to 90% of the permafrost in the polar regions of Canada, Russia and Alaska could disappear by 2100 due to global warming, much sooner, in fact, than researchers have so far predicted. This is revealed by a study by the American research center […]

Sudden change in climate

The climate can change suddenly due to natural or human-made forces Keywords: climate change, temperature, biosphere, glaciers, studies. Results of a study of ice cores collected in tropical zones For the first time, glaciologists compared elements found in ice cores collected in the Andes […]

capturing beaver project CO2

The biggest project in the world to capture carbon dioxide Keywords: Beaver, CO2, sequestration, capture, capture, capture, reduction, optimization, clean plant, greenhouse effect, fight Learn more: - Summary document on capture of CO2 - Castor Landfill Project on forums: debates, ideas, economic viability? Bigger […]

The Greenhouse Effect: Will we change the climate?

by Hervé Le Treut, Jean-Marc Jancovici Flammarion, 2004 Summary: Since the appearance of life, man is the first species able to disrupt the climatic conditions prevailing on Earth. In less than a century, the increase in the greenhouse effect, a consequence of an increasing use of energy, is likely to cause an unprecedented warming of […]

The runaway warming

Report broadcast on the news at 13 p.m. of France2 on November 30, 2005. Keywords: global warming, consequence, soil, environment, runaway The report evokes the worrying release of CO2 from peatlands. Indeed; a study has shown that the soil now releases twice as much CO2 as it did 25 years ago. In other words […]

The ecosystems and global warming

The sensitivity of ecosystems to global change Keywords: changes, climate, biodiversity, species, threat, studies A study carried out by several European laboratories, including the Alpine Ecology Laboratory (CNRS - Université Grenoble 1 - Université Chambery), shows that the sensitivity of ecosystems to global change could increase the vulnerability of certain European regions by the […]

CITEPA: inventory of emissions by large combustion plants in France

Inventory of large combustion plants in France according to the 88 / 609 / CEE and 2001 / 80 / CE directives - Presentation and summary of the results. This report provides a reminder of the definitions used in the Inventory of Large Combustion Plants, as well as detailed results by region, industry and fuel category. Download the file (a [...]

CITEPA: atmospheric pollution by department in France

Departmentalized inventory of air pollutant emissions in France by CITEPA. This report presents the departmental inventory of atmospheric emissions for metropolitan France. The programs are presented by department and region. They are also reported to the population and the area, in the form of tables and maps. This document therefore includes [...]

CITEPA: inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in France under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in France under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by CITEPA, December 2007. The data presented apply to the geographical, temporal and sectoral fields defined specifically in this context and may therefore differ from those corresponding to other definitions established [...]

Methane hydrates

Energy jackpot or hell bomb? The challenge of "burning ice" Keywords: energy, resources, gas hydrate, methane hydrates, environment, greenhouse effect, runaway We found billions of cubic meters of gas at the bottom of the oceans. Enough to solve all energy problems. The risk: making global warming […]

The slowdown of the gulf Stream?

The two Arctic engines operating the Gulf Stream are showing signs of weakness. A heating failure in Europe is therefore becoming clear, despite global warming. "The chimneys have almost all disappeared!" With his mouth like an old sea bass, Peter Wadhams has certainly had to face serious grains during his existence […]

Oceans and climate

Studying the relationships between people, seas and climate The oceans provide cheap food for many people on the planet. As a result, the economic weight of fishing is considerable. However, for several years now, we have seen a stagnation in this windfall which seemed inexhaustible, as well as a general decrease in size […]

Endangered ecosystems

Experts are warning: ecosystem changes continue to worsen and jeopardize achievement of global development goals World Resources Institute press release, 30/03/05 London, March 2005 - landmark study published today today reveals that around 60% of the services provided by ecosystems and which allow life on […]

The gulf Stream, scheduled shutdown?

Black scenario at the White House. If the Gulf Stream stops… Global warming + melting of the poles = stopping of the ocean current + panic on the planet. This is the equation given by two American researchers to George W. Bush, who hastened ... to bury it! Some reports are chilling. The one written by Peter Schwartz and Doug […]

Kyoto Protocol: Press Review

Following the application of the Kyoto protocol on Wednesday, February 16, 2005, the main French media created a real media tidal wave vis-à-vis the Kyoto protocol. However, nothing new emerges from these articles except information that has been heard over and over again. So many articles, for a […]

The warming calendar

Scientists present a calendar of global warming Keywords: global warming, climate, planing, evolution, dates, estimates February 2, 2005, a scientist from the German Research Institute for Climate Change in Postdam - the largest research institute German in this area - presented a detailed schedule of the effects that […]

The Permian extinction

250 million years ago, climate change responsible for the great extinction The Permian extinction The Permian extinction is the greatest mass extinction that affected the biosphere. It occurred 250 million years ago and marks the limit between the Permian and the Triassic, therefore the limit between the primary era (Paleozoic) […]