Climate warming and capitalism ...

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Global warming, nuclear energy and environmental issues permanently occupy the news. A number of "environmentalists" - as Nicolas Hulot - claim that environmental issues transcend the class struggle and the contrast between rich and poor. Nonsense! Environmental issues, and potential environmental catastrophe that we face, are products of the capitalist system.

It is true that capitalists live on land, too, and from this point of view, one could say that the environmental degradation is not in their interest. But the environmental consequences of capitalism are not dependent on individual volition - whether good or bad - of this or that capitalist. They derive from the capitalist system works, whose driving force is the profit motive.

Thus Marxism analyzes the environmental degradation. As Engels wrote toward the end of his life: "Where individual capitalists produce and exchange for immediate profit, it can not be considered primarily as the closest results, the most immediate. Individually provided the manufacturer or merchant sells the goods produced or purchased with the small profit to use, it is satisfied and does not care what then happens to the goods and the buyer. It's the same natural effects of these actions. The Spanish planters in Cuba that burned forests on the slopes and found in the ashes sufficient fertilizer for one generation of highly profitable coffee trees - that matter to them that afterwards, tropical showers outweigh the topsoil now unprotected, leaving behind only bare rock? vis nature to live as society, it is mainly considered in the present mode of production that the closest result, the more tangible; and then we are surprised that even the distant consequences of actions that immediate results are quite different, often quite the opposite. " (Engels - The role played by labor in the transition from ape to man.)

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