Embedded reforming reactor Martz-Salelles

Title of the patent (s):
Device improving the functioning of physico-chemical transformation reactors used upstream of energy conversion systems and in particular heat engines


Reforming, reforming, cracking, cracking, vapocraking, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, catalyst, fuel cell, hydrogen, synthesis, oxygenation, autothermal, exothermic, endothermic.

Patent number: FR2858364

Inventors: Christophe Martz (engineer ENSAIS, founder of this site) and Olivier Salelles (professor of mechanics).

Deposit date : 1er August 2003


This patent was filed following the work done on the ZX TD in water doping) on which we have mounted a water doping according to the plans published on the site Quanthomme.

We found that the effectiveness of water doping depended on certain fluctuating conditions on automotive engines or other engines with variable speed and / or load (s).

The aim of this patent is to compensate for these fluctuations in order to maintain in "good operating condition" a reactor placed upstream of an engine or other energy conversion system.

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Download and read the catalyst improvement patent, number FR2858364

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