Who is Christophe Martz, the founding engineer of econology and of the econologie.com site?

Raise awareness of the catastrophic environmental consequences of our lifestyles and find econological and technological solutions. This is the credo of the Econologie.com site founded by Christophe Martz in 2003

This site is the fruit of the hard work of this ENSAIS engineer specializing in energy and who "encountered" the system. Pantone (process which optimizes the use of fuel by injecting water or preheating the gas mixture, resulting in reforming of hydrocarbons and better combustion) during his engineering studies. Christophe has become, despite the results of his first engine, somewhat in spite of himself, the defender of this process in France and especially of its evolution: water injection in internal combustion engines

To learn more about the course of Christophe with regard to the Pantone process

Defending the environment as a mechanical engineer does not really promote a professional career (in 2003 at least…)

Christophe has always refused to apply the popular saying: "Convictions are the luxury of those who do nothing" and has always kept its integrity! In 2006, he created the econological shop in order to offer everyone eco-friendly solutions.

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The mission of the econologie.com site

The econologie.com site must make the link between several worlds: that of individuals or experimental farmers, sometimes ingenious but often lacking in means of analysis, that of industrialists having these means and that of the scientific community, having the knowledge and means but extremely hard to convince or integrate.

It must be said that the scientific evidence on the Pantone system, due to a lack of study sorely lacking but in 2007, things accelerated in particular thanks to the J. Rochereau's theory on the ionization of water vapor. A page of summary of water injection in heat engines is also available.

The task is delicate and Christophe took it upon himself to create this website to circulate information, put things flat and communicating the different actors.

The achievements of the econologie.com site and forums

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But despite the time spent and the energy expended, things are moving very slowly ...

The site's long-term objectives

  • Bring a other vision of ecology to people, so that it no longer seems guilty but gratifying in the eyes of people.
  • Continue an activity of popularization for the general public sensitized but who often has difficulty in navigating through all the truncated speeches offered to him.

To conclude, the creation of this site was the result of a man, who took a lot of time and energy and who arouses adversity. Its creation has not been the subject of any subsidy or external aid in any way whatsoever.

Today, it exists a very active community of econologists gathered on forums.

However, if ecological behavior is "fashionable", nothing is won because econology is still far from being known to the general public and especially the global ecological figures are not generally good. This is why there is a section " help econologie.com »So that you can help the development of econology on a daily basis.

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You can contact Christophe publicly by registering on the forums or privately via the page of contact

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