Electric scooter for the city

What are the advantages of an electric scooter in the city?

The electric scooter takes more and more space in the urban landscape. It is gradually replacing fossil fuel scooters and brings many benefits to those who have already opted for this ecological solution.

Many advantages to choose the electric scooter

Choosing an electric scooter guarantees you a real plus for your travels.

Cleaner scooters

The thermal scooter has become a real calamity for our environment. It rejects a significant rate of carbon dioxide, but also fine particles and nitrogen oxides, vectors of significant pollution in cities which even saw the Crit'air sticker return. To replace it, the electric scooter is the future du urban displacement. Much more ecological, this type of scooter is composed of an electrical system as well as a battery. Thus it does not release any polluting gas and does not consume oil for the engine either.

No CO2 is released from an electric scooter and you will not be bothered by polluting fumes. Cities will benefit from a healthier atmosphere that is less loaded with particles that are harmful to our body. In addition, a European directive dating from 2006 requires the recycling of at least 50% of the components of batteries containing lithium and at least 65% if they are composed of lead.

Electric scooter

Greater autonomy

No more risk of running out of fuel with the electric scooter. For your trips in the city, opt for this mode of transport which offers a great autonomy of use. Charging times are improved to facilitate the charging in electrical energy.

With a quick charge, it takes half an hour to leave as soon as possible: for short trips to your work, this is the best solution. It is really wise to use an electric scooter in order to travel over restricted distances. Most French people work less than 10 km from their job. The use of an electric scooter is therefore strongly recommended!

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Move more easily

Leave the traffic jams behind when moving with an electric scooter! Move easily with this type of very manoeuvrable vehicle: the electric scooter has more torque as soon as the vehicle is started. You must also adapt to this power if you are used to driving thermal scooters. The power is immediate with the electric scooter unlike the thermal scooter, which needs more time to obtain optimal power.

You'll have to learn to control the acceleration, but once you get used to driving it, you will love this driving mode! With the electric scooter, you have the possibility of reassembling the caps without any difficulty. You save as much time as energy ! Spending time in congested corks in the morning and evening is a lot of stress and fatigue.

Less noisy and more discreet

This is one of the most enjoyable advantages of your electric scooter! It is particularly silent. Forget about the noises that damage your eardrums and attack your ears, both yours and those of other road users who pass you. The electric scooter is quiet and does not tire you anymore.

You move discreetly in the streets of your city, you must also be more attentive to pedestrians who may not hear you arrive because your scooter is so quiet. Riding an electric scooter is really relaxing for you as well as for a passenger. City dwellers also appreciate not hearing the violent noise of thermal scooters!

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Easier maintenance of your scooter

If you are not a mechanic, the electric scooter solution is for you. Indeed, there is no need to provide a maintenance as complete than for a thermal scooter. The electric motor is located at the rear wheel, which is why there is no timing belt or chain. No need for oil to lubricate it either or to change it. The electric scooter also does not require spark plugs for ignition or filters to be replaced regularly.

Its system is therefore simpler and stronger, because there are few removable parts. The electric motor is very reliable. However, the scooter, whether thermal or electric, needs regular maintenance of the brake pads, a change of tires or shock absorbers when necessary. It also depends on the type and regularity of use of the thermal scooter.

Save money

City scooter

By switching to an electric scooter, you will be able to see that you are making big savings. With less repairs and less maintenance, these are your expenses at the garage who will melt like snow in the sun. Breakdowns are also less regular than with a thermal scooter. In addition, the price of fuel continues to increase, while to recharge your electric scooter, you will consume very little electricity whose price is still the most interesting.

In order to further reduce expenses and benefit from greater autonomy, you can adopt certain actions:

  • conduct in a reasoned way staying under the speed limit
  • drive smoothly and without throttling hard
  • driving on a rough terrain and good quality surfacing
  • en anticipating changes (stop sign, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, etc.)
  • avoiding to charge too much your scooter
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The consumption of the scooter is also linked to the weight of the driver or the number of people it carries. It is also associated with its own weight. The heavier a scooter is, the more energy it will be. And if you are in the mountains with many slopes, you will also consume more than in a city in a flat area.

You should know that each battery has a different life that must be indicated before purchase. It is expressed in number of recharge cycles. Typically, a lithium battery will operate for approximately 800 charge cycles. This represents between 48 and 000 km traveled over the life of the battery. For city use, this is particularly suitable, as the battery gives you a range of around 50 km per charge. So if you are a few kilometers from your job, switch to an electric scooter!

To learn more, you will find other models of innovative careen scooters of the future (and from the past)

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