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Prosumer tariff: technical and legal argument justifying its elimination

In developing the prosumer tariff (falsely called tariff but it is a tax), the CWAPE limited itself to taking over in full, like a copy and paste, the “network costs” part of the price per kWh invoiced to consumers, by finally and erratically putting prosumers on the same footing as ordinary consumers, which, on top of that, discriminates them against other electricity producers.

As an independent regulator and with regard to prosumers among others, the CWAPE was nevertheless forced by the European Union to respect in particular the fundamental principles of non-discrimination and cost reflectivity; it can be seen that it did not fulfill them in the end and obviously not with regard to the prosumers.

This distressing observation is based in particular on the following factual observations ...

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PROSUMER tax: technical and legal arguments for its elimination

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