Propane gas heating, a sustainable solution?

Gas heating is a solution chosen by many households. While in cities the choice of natural gas is the most common option, propane gas in tanks is a very common alternative outside agglomeration. What are the benefits of this energy? What about its price and its sustainability? What is Biopropane? Focus on propane gas in tanks.

Tank gas is a versatile energy

For dwellings not serviced by GRDF's natural gas network, the propane gas in a tank is a good alternative. Energy has many advantages.

One energy for all needs

Propane gas has the advantage of being able to respond to most energy needs of a home and whatever the season. Propane is resistant to temperatures down to - 42 ° C. Never seen in France! As for uses, the installation of a gas tank will make it possible to answer:

  • heating of housing parts;

  • heating hot water;

  • when cooking food.

A solution of comfortable heating

Choosing propane gas is choosing a comfortable energy. The combustion of the gas diffuses a immediate and homogeneous heat in all the rooms of your home. As far as storage is concerned, propane is stored in a aerial or buried gas tank installed in the garden. Your gas supplier delivers you once or twice a year when the tank level drops below 30%. In most cases, you do not even have to worry about your tank!

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Are propane gas prices competitive?

The first criterion that drives individuals to want to change energy is the price of their bill. Propane gas is also energy that can be expensive compared to other energies.

A price of energy that remains high

Le price of propane gas has increased in recent years, as has electricity and fuel oil. In concrete terms, it is today the most expensive energy at the kWh price after electricity. If the latter remains a good auxiliary heating, propane gas has the advantage of being used as a single energy. In addition, the high calorific value of the gas tank makes that for an equal amount of fuel oil, your propane will heat you much longer.

Conversion aids exist

If gas heating is more and more popular it is also aid from public authorities are numerous ! So, thanks to theoffers "heating boost" integrated into the ECE (Energy Savings Certificates) scheme, low-income households can benefit froma bonus up to 1 200 € for the installation of a boiler with very high energy performance. Propane gas suppliers are legally required to play the game and pay the premiums. Some even offer additional discounts to push their customers to invest in more powerful hardware. Finally, do not forget that the aid is cumulative! TheAnah (National Habitat Agency) also distributes a help for the most modest households who wish to carry out renovations of energy or heating (to live better agility and serenity). The CITE allows a tax deduction in the order of 30% for the replacement of an old boiler by a newer one and 50% on the cost of removing a tank of fuel oil.

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How to pay for your propane gas cheaper?

In order to reduce your propane gas bill in a tank, several solutions exist. The market includes a relatively small number of suppliers. Indeed, only Antargaz, Butagaz, Finagaz, Primagaz and Vitogaz will be able to deliver to you all over the territory. So do not hesitate to negotiate tank gas prices. In the end, you can expect a nice discount on your bill.

Another way to save money: play the competition! When your gas contract comes to an end, you can ask for quotes to the different propaniers. By putting them in competition you will get the best price for your gas tank.

Is propane heating environmentally friendly?

One of the least polluting fossil energies: no particles, less CO2

Because of its characteristics, gas is compatible with France's objectives in terms of energetic transition. Aid has also been put in place to facilitate the passage of oil to propane gas for households. Obviously, LPG remains a fossil fuel derived from hydrocarbons. The gas can not therefore be considered as an ecological solution in this form. Propane has the advantage of not emitting particles during its combustion. CO² emissions are 15% lower than those of domestic fuel, they are not zero but the reduction is significant ... And if using biopropane, the CO2 balance is drastically reduced!

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Biopropane: a sustainable solution

In recent years, research has made its way to the side of green gas. Concrete solutions have emerged and are now marketed in France for individuals wishing to protect the environment. Thus, offers from bio-propane begin to appear from 2018.

This biogas is created from biomass which is itself largely recycled. The biopropane is actually a byproduct of biodiesel (also called diester) at about 5 mass%. Its manufacture is made from almost 90% used cooking oil! It's not just about 100% biobased but also an integral part of the circular economy. If you have the opportunity, choose biopropane fossil propane for the good of the planet ... even if its price may be slightly less competitive!

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  1. We are delighted to be the first propane to supply biopropane in France! This sustainable version of propane allows our customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

    Biopropane is 80% less CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels of reference (over its entire life cycle: Ademe® Carbon Base) with the same properties as standard propane: performance and comfort at the key.

  2. Very interesting article.
    To pay less for gas it is not always easy. Even if there are not many suppliers, the prices are multiple, and loyalty does not pay. You have to know how to renegotiate your price, and compare the existing offers, when you want to change, or just get equipped.

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