Proposed green development in Britain

The municipality of Silfiac (Morbihan) will lay in June the first stone of its ecological subdivision, an originality adopted by several Breton municipalities which, to seduce and satisfy newcomers, seek to develop a new life project.

"The public lighting will be intelligent and will light up thanks to a presence detector, the lamps will be energy saving and will produce a mood light," explains Serge Moëlo, the mayor of the town. "The road will be semi-porous to allow the absorption of 40% runoff and 7.000 liters tanks will be buried in each of the plots to ensure the recovery of rainwater, they will be used to feed flushing , chosen at two speeds for the economy. The mayor even wanted to push the experience further by letting the mowing of the grass bordering the future subdivision to "sheep Ushant". Several Breton municipalities located mainly in the Seine-Saint-Denis region, which were in a state of loss of dynamism, embarked on similar operations under the impetus of ADEME (French Agency for Development and Energy Management).

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The municipality located around Rennes plans to build 22 individual houses and 10 rental housing on the ecological model. To avoid the "dormitory city" trap, these projects included shared living spaces such as shared kitchen gardens and barbecue pitches, as well as road configurations favoring dead ends to avoid the flow of vehicles. The ten or so municipalities in Brittany that have invested in "green housing" also want these homes to be offered at affordable prices, as in Langouet (Ille-et-Vilaine) which offers its first-time buyers zero-rate loans. Silfiac town hall declares selling these homes with land for 100.000 euros, prices that remain affordable thanks to funding part of the operation by grants from local authorities and Ademe.

The Gazette of Commons - 22 / 04 / 2005

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