Laigret project: making organic green oil

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Launch of the "Laigret Project": try to make together inexhaustible and green oil obtained by micro-biological fermentation of biomass.

Laigret project

We have just launched the "Laigret Project": try to take back, reproduce (and if possible exceed) the work of Dr. Laigret who had succeeded, thanks to the bacillus Perfringens to obtain the synthetic oil from various green waste or pets (read previous news: Green oil synthesis).

During these same works, he had also obtained a very pure "biogas" which could reach 80% hydrogen or 80% methane! A more pure gas and therefore easily usable in combustion than conventional biogas (yet widely known more)!

This work is also the origin of the oil industry découvertre interesting: the origin of natural oil! Indeed, the presence of the bacillus perfringens would explain (in part only because there are of mineral oils) the natural synthesis of oil in nature.

To carry out this project, all people of goodwill are welcome! We are mainly looking profiles:
- Biologist to help us on the very heart of the project,
- Biochemist for the same reasons (catalyst)
- Petroleum engineer and technician for the analysis of the ferment,
- Journalist, blogger or webmaster to disseminate information,
- Researcher or student interested in the project can perform literature searches,
- Ideally an employee of the Pasteur Institute or researcher to easily recover the writings of Dr. Laigret (which are stored there)
- All the good wishes because it is possible by sharing our ideas and experiences that the project progresses.

This project is not elitist, we repeat: all people of goodwill are welcome! You are a blogger? Make a note in your blog enough to put your stone to the building of this, let's face it, rather ambitious project!

Finally, note that this project is done in a spirit Open Sourcing like software Open Source: all results will be available free to all!

Learn more: read the mailing, Laigret launch of the project, learn more about the process, read the previous news Green oil synthesis or finally: participate in the project Laigret.


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