eco-friendly packaging

Packaging: ecological packaging in paper or cardboard for professionals

For our sake and for the sake of future generations, it is important to adopt a more respectful lifestyle.environment. Such a resolution, which is part of a sustainable development approach, implies in particular opting for ecological packaging.

Professionals from various sectors have a great influence on consumption habits. They must therefore be on the front line in the fight for the preservation of the environment, and thus turn to biodegradable packaging. In addition, custom eco-friendly packaging helps boost a company's activities. As a business manager, switching to customizable biodegradable packaging therefore has many advantages.

Ecological packaging and personalized packaging to protect the environment

The plastic used to make soda bottles, disposable coffee cups and shopping bags takes several centuries to decompose. Once discarded, this packaging then becomes waste which pollute marine environments, etc. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund or WWF), each French person produces around 66,6 kg of plastic waste per year. However, each year, according to data relayed by UNESCO, 135 marine mammals and 000 million seabirds die from plastic waste. It is therefore urgent that each of us adopt a more responsible behavior.

If you are at the head of a company whose activities involve packaging, you can adopt eco-friendly packaging to help protect the environment. Designed with wood, sugarcane fibers, corn starch or orange pulp, among others, biodegradable packaging breaks down quickly. Thus, while fulfilling the same function as plastic packaging, they do not pollute the environment. The healthy character of these eco-packaging is also found in their manufacture which emits less CO2 and the fact that they can be recycled.

The adoption of environmentally friendly packaging is also beneficial from an economic point of view. On the other hand, more and more consumers are developing a certain ecological awareness. For example, a survey carried out by Smurfit Kappa in 2020, among European consumers, reveals that 75% of consumers now prefer paper or cardboard packaging to plastic packaging.

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By opting for ecological packaging, you therefore improve your brand image with your audience. Your turnover will thus be positively impacted. On the other hand, biodegradable packaging is customizable at will. It is for this reason that we speak of custom packaging. Personalization offers you numerous communication possibilities. You can advertise directly on your packaging, give your customers details about your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, etc. Here too, you offer yourself opportunities to increase your sales and profits.

eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging: what packaging customizable?

Whatever sector of activity your company is in, custom packaging offers you many possibilities. By intelligently exploiting these options, you will be able to profit from it at most.

Customizable food packaging in the catering sector

Catering is one of the key sectors contributing to the growing popularity of biodegradable packaging. It must be said that plastic or polystyrene packaging had always been a problem, given the risk of poisoning related to bringing hot content (the meal) into contact with plastic. Now, both in classic catering and in fast food or snacking, there are a multitude of options available to offer consumers truly healthy take-out meals.

For example, for a take-out burger, a bagasse box replaces the old packaging with questionable chemical compounds. Many brands sell boxes of burger or boxes of fries made from sugar cane pulp, the performance of which is remarkable. Among other things, these boxes keep meals warm and can withstand a microwave oven. There are also wrap pots made of cardboard, which may in particular contain popcorn. We can also mention the kraft salad boxes, pizza boxes, disposable cardboard cups and glasses, etc.

Custom packaging in the e-commerce and retail sectors

E-commerce is also one of the sectors in which the adoption of biodegradable packaging has a great impact. Thousands of packages are shipped every day. For example, 505 million packages were shipped in 2017 according to the Fevad (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling). If all these packages are packaged in cardboard, the environment has a lot to gain. For your part, each box sent represents an additional possibility of boost your activities. With a nicely presented package, you improve the customer experience. And at the same time, your visual identity, present on the eco-friendly packaging, can attract potential future customers.

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On this last point, it is roughly the same effect that is observed at the level of retail brands. Whether you run a supermarket, a fashion boutique or a high-tech equipment store, every sale should be a communication action. By packaging the products sold in attractive packages that reflect your image, you are marketing! Likewise, during your promotional campaigns, your gift packaging can be personalized.

Biodegradable customized packaging: what are the possibilities?

Eco-friendly packaging is customizable both in terms of form and in terms of the content to be printed. And this is one of the main advantages of biodegradable materials like orange pulp or sugar cane pulp. By working with any printer, you can get the perfect packaging for you and your business.

Personalize your packaging as you wish

With traditional materials, obtaining one form of packaging or another sometimes required heavy industrial operations. However, with kraft paper and cardboard, the same result can be achieved much more easily, in less time and with fewer resources. Do you want to offer round or cubic salad boxes to your customers in a hurry? There are multiple packaging models in bagasse, rigid or flexible according to the needs, which will be able to satisfy you.

The closure system (single flap, tab closure, etc.) is also a customization point. Whatever the type and size of the products to be packaged, and whatever the form of packaging required, you will quickly find solutions by opting for custom packaging.

Beyond form, ease of printing is also one of the key characteristics of biodegradable personalized packaging. Since you can write whatever you want, these custom packaging are perfect for the smooth running of your business. Conventionally, the logo and the name of the company are the first elements that are printed on the customizable packaging. But why limit yourself to that? Feel free to initiate other marketing actions: customize the packaging with the customer's first name to show him that it is important, enter a personalized sentence for each buyer, paste a promo code to encourage the customer to come back, etc.

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En end of life after use, it is easy to recycle waste of cardboard paper collected:

Find a printer near you and get started in custom packaging

The other advantage of adopting green packaging is their accessibility. As long as you have a professional printing house located near your business, you can stock up on customizable packaging. Printers usually have preformed containers for you to choose from. However, if necessary, you can request a completely original form. Depending on the equipment they have, the printer will tell you if they can do it immediately or not. Then, you indicate the elements to print, their position on the packaging, etc. After a few days, you will receive your eco-friendly packaging.

It should be noted that this process sometimes takes place differently. On the one hand, you can communicate directly with a professional online printer, specify all your needs, then wait for the delivery of your order. On the other hand, you can also buy from a third-party supplier preformed packaging, then go to the printer only for printing. In addition, rather than printing all the communication material on the packaging, you can order stickers at the same time. These will then be affixed, according to your strategy, on each packaging before handing over / sending to the customer. In any case, with eco-friendly packaging, the environment wins, and you win too.

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