The production of pellets in Europe

What is the production of wood pellets in Europe and what are the major producers?

The Pellets market is booming due to the increasing prices of fossil fuels. A quick overview of the European production of this new energy source, renewable of course, but not inexhaustible!

This graphic is from the document: Heating pellets in Austria: pro-pellets.

These documents are dated 2 2004 and 2005, up to 20 30% can be added to these figures for the numbers of 2007.

Pellet production in tons by European countries:
pellet production in Europe

The French production was so ridiculous in 2004 that it does not appear in this graph ...

Evolution of the production of pellets in Austria between 1997 and 2005

pellet production in Europe

Austria was therefore in 2004 in 2nd place in Europe. It is very interesting to note the strong growth in the production of pellets: 20 to 40% per year over the period and 876% growth between the year 2000 and 2007!

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