Chambrin process: press review

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At a time when many articles about the Pantone process appear in various official media, we would like to remind you of the existence of Chambrin process.

This process was invented by Jean Chambrin early 1970 years, ie in full oil crisis. Mr Chambrin is an engineer and mechanic in Rouen. His process is capable, according to the inventor, to consume a water-alcohol mixture with a proportion of water (up to 60%).

The principle was similar to that of Pantone since it involves recovering the heat of the exhaust gases (40% of the energy of a heat engine is lost in the exhaust) to "pretreat" the gases of admission.

Anyway, if the first tests were promising, this invention was never put on the market and Chambrin never revealed the "secret" of its "black box" (the heat exchanger).

So myth or reality? These few items and reading the patent allow you to form your own opinion.

Read the press review

Read patent Chambrin


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