Current energy issues

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Because energy is a big part of air pollution it is necessary not to neglect this point, which seems to be by many "ecologists".

By burning fossil fuels, as mainly oil, we use the same form of energy that homo sapiens have discovered fire and emit into the atmosphere of carbon stored for millennia. Combustion and use of fossil fuels is only a slight change compared to burning wood, although these energy fantastic applications.

We recall that ecology is not against progress but against the current mess and chaos creating monstrous and unacceptable social inequalities. (80% of the current wars are conflicts over the control of energy resources)

So we ask ourselves the question:

- Why thousands of inventions (see section patents for inventions) in the field of energy-they were simply ignored by the scientific community and industry?

- Why everyone has heard of the famous water motor but few people have seen him run?

- Why independent inventors in the field of energy-they all die ruined and more or less premature? (The French examples are numerous: Jean Luc Perrier, Edgar Nazar ...)

It is certain that some inventors are greedy and cheat the world, but generalize this behavior is dishonest.

The following : The use of oil and its consequences


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