Current energy issue

Because energy constitutes a large part in atmospheric pollution it is necessary not to neglect this point, which seems to be so by many “environmentalists”.

By burning fossil fuels, like petroleum, we use the same form of energy as the homo-sapiens who discovered fire and release carbon stored for millennia into the atmosphere. The combustion and use of fossil fuels is only a small evolution compared to the combustion of wood, even if these energies allow fantastic applications.

We recall that ecology is not against progress but against the waste and the current mismanagement creating monstrous and unacceptable social inequalities. (80% of current wars are conflicts for the control of energy resources)

So we ask ourselves the questions:

- Why have thousands of inventions (see the section on patents for inventions) in the field of energy been purely and simply ignored by the scientific community and industrialists?

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- Why has everyone heard of the famous water engine but few people have seen it work?

- Why do the independent inventors in the field of energy all die ruined and more or less prematurely? (French examples are numerous: Jean Luc Perrier, Edgar Nazar…)

It is certain that some inventors are greedy and deceive the world, but generalize this behavior would be dishonest.

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