The cost of electric kwh

What is the cost price of electricity?

The cost prices (in euro cents excluding tax for the producer) are of the order of:
- French nuclear power: 3 to 4 cents
- The average of the European Union: 5 to 5,5 centimes

However, the wind kwh is bought back at around 8 cents by EdF ... which sells it for 6 cents at best (HT)

EdF loses 2 cents per kWh production.

EdF, although a (still) public service, is not philanthropic, the following question arises:

So who pays the difference?

All of us! And yes, this difference is financed by a special tax imposed on all EdF bills in recent years.

Wind power is currently:

1) a non-solution to the energy problem and to warming (the demand for energy is constantly increasing),
2) a new tax for all,
3) energy whose price is purely virtual way (compared to market prices)
3) a very real enrichment, on the other hand, for the promoters of wind projects (most of whom, I have met, have nothing to do with the environment).

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However, there is a way to change the situation: consumers who pay the right price for their electrical energy… namely 10 to 15 cts of euros per kwhe.

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Source of cost price figures: Jacques Percebois, in "C dans l'Air" of 24/11/06, Research Center in Energy Economics and Law.

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