The price of a nuclear plant and the cost of nuclear kWh

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How much is a plant or a nuclear reactor? What is the cost of a nuclear kWh? Answers ...

Nuclear power plants in the range of 1000 megawatts (1 million kilowatts, generating about 7 billion kWh per year) were carried out in France during the nuclear program, a unit cost that today would about 1,5 billion euros 1000 MW unit.

It's a significant investment but that proved justified economically. Such as renewable energy, nuclear energy is characterized by high investment and low operating costs. Studies by the Ministry of Industry, taking into account the investment cost, the price of uranium, operating and maintenance costs, and also supplies necessary for future expenses for dismantling and storage radioactive waste, lead to a cost per kWh lower nuclear to 4 cents. This cost is comparable to that of a kWh produced from the gas, when it is at its lowest price, and much lower than those of other modes of production.

While the per kWh cost produced by the gas varies greatly depending on the price of the latter, the nuclear kWh is very stable vis-à-vis that of uranium. It depends somewhat the conditions of commodity markets.

Correspondingly, when a plant is depreciated, the cost of nuclear kWh becomes very low (phad higher 1 eurocent). Hence the current trend to extend the lifespan of power plants in the US as well as Europe.

The nuclear industry is nevertheless considering the prospect of new plant orders and aims to maintain the level of investment per kW installed, despite the introduction in new models of many improvements, both in terms of security and in terms reliability.

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