Fuel prices in France: diesel soon more expensive than gasoline?

Diesel cheaper than gasoline: is this history? Turning around € 1,40, the price at the pump for a liter of unleaded petrol 95 and that of diesel are now very close.

"Until now, taxes on diesel were lower than those applied to gasoline" explains a representative of Total in the columns of Var Matin. “Today, everything is flattened and we have to face a strong demand for diesel with an offer that does not follow. "

For several decades, the tax advantage (lower TIPP than for unleaded gasoline) represented by Diesel for consumers has fueled a real enthusiasm in France for this type of engine: nearly three quarters of sales concern diesel vehicles. . However, on international markets, tax-free, diesel is sold 15 to 20 cents more expensive than gasoline. A price difference which compensates for the difference in taxation.

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Europe imports 30% of its diesel from Eastern Europe, mainly from Russia (30 million tonnes per year), while gasoline production is in surplus. The increase in consumption in France of 3% per year and growing demand in emerging countries are putting pressure on market prices.

A situation that angered fishermen. Since Monday, a good part of the fishing ports of the Atlantic coast, the Channel and the Mediterranean have been blocked, as well as several depots of fuel.

Wednesday, when fishing professionals were to meet their minister, Michel Barnier, they were about 200 to demonstrate in the streets of Paris to claim a plan to safeguard their activity.

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