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Article broadcast in Action Auto Moto number 130 2006 January-February by Katia Lefebvre

This article, which we contributed, is the 2ieme the G System (Pantone variant of the process) to the general public after the broadcast in the AutoPlus 1er November 2005 ( see this page ).

The conclusions of these 2 articles are nevertheless contradictory. Indeed, while Autoplus concluded that there was a 20% decrease in consumption and an increase in pollution (unburnt), this article, on the contrary, concluded that there was a decrease in pollution (unburnt) but no decrease in consumption. . The tests were respectively carried out on a gasoline car (autoplus) and 2 diesel cars (auto moto action) and compared to new vehicles, it is therefore difficult to conclude from rigorous tests ...

However, these differences in performance teach us that the tested prototypes present interesting results, but that they are undoubtedly not optimized… We can then regret the fact that the big manufacturers are still ignoring this solution. But this can, no doubt, be explained by the fact that they have better solutions… but which remain in their boxes and for how long…?

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