Presentation of a self-installation of a stove wood boiler Turbo Deom

With the help of forums, we have just finalized the installation of a Deom wood micro-boiler (15kW of maximum power).
The specificity of the assembly comes from the fact that it is completely original compared to “classic” assemblies.

Indeed, we use a double exchanger solar tank mounted “upside down”, not in the mechanical sense but in the thermal sense as well as a 2-point solar regulation to circulate the water in the circuit. Everything is detailed in the links below.

wood boiler

Here are the different stages of reflection that allowed the realization of this installation (click for more details).

1) Choosing the boiler: an opportunity?

2) Reflections on the principle of mounting a wood boiler

3) Wood stove or pellet and compatible heating floors?

And here are 2 subjects presenting, after these subjects of reflections, directly the assembly realized:

1) Wood boiler installation diagram: changes and modifications.

Read also: Pantone: pre-study on a boiler assembly

2) Photos and prices of the final installation

For any questions, please contact us via le forum

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