First Bioethanol Station E85 in Switzerland

The Swiss can ride bio Station distributing biofuel, new car planned to work with this agricultural fuel, both are available in Switzerland.

Between Swiss and French, for biocaburants, it is the Swiss who shoot first.

Energy supplier Agrola has just opened its first E85 station (85% ethanol and 15% SP) in Winterthur, and plans to open a dozen more in the near future.

This biofuel is purchased from Alcosuisse, and which is mainly produced by waste from the wood industry.

Since biofuels are zero-rated in Switzerland, E85 is sold in Winterthur for 1,39 SFr per liter (87 euro cents per liter!). Annual production capacities are however very limited, at 8 million liters of E85, but Alcosuisse is already planning the construction of a new factory (work for Swiss) which could bring them to 50 million liters. And if we consider that E85 makes it possible to reduce CO75 emissions by 80/2%, then there would be enough to cut the country's emissions.

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After Agrola and Alcosuisse, the third partner in the operation is the car manufacturer Saab, which now offers its 9/5 model in a BioPower version on the Swiss market.

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