First start of a water injection and links

This page is part of the dossier ofhelp to carry out a Gillier Pantone water doping

First start of a water doping

1) For the first start-up it is recommended to place a fine wire in the tube that enters the venturi, in order to stop welding debris or parts that could come off and be swallowed by the engine.

2) For a quicker rapid efficiency, use non-potable water limestone if possible, the engine is used under heavy load to heat the reactor, the water level in the bubbler must be at its maximum height, for bubble only at high speed.

3) Normally after one hour of walking with load, the rod turns whitish. These lime deposits allow the rod to be electrically “naturally” partially isolated.

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This file is a synthesis of many experimental experimentations made largely by André P. on our forums.

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In terms of scientific explanations, (too many?) Many theories have emerged since 2001. The most interesting and credible (and moreover confirmed by experience in part at least) is that of the ionization of the vapor of water. Find out more: Gillier-Pantone: ionization of water vapor.

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