First climate report of 2005: a hot year

The average global surface temperature of 2005 currently has a positive 0,48 ° C anomaly relative to the normal calculated for the 1961-1990 (14 ° C) period, according to the records of the Members of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

To date, 2005 is the second warmest year since 1861 began recording, and it is likely this year will be one of the hottest four years humanity has seen since then, but the official figures will only be published in February. The record is still held by 1998, the year when, according to precise estimates, the overall surface temperature was 0,54 ° C higher than the relative average for the same period. Uncertainty in the global mean temperature, which is mainly due to gaps in the observation network, is such that 2005 could be the hottest year but could also be in the eighth warmest year since the beginning. statements. With the exception of 1996, the last ten years (1996-2005) are some of the hottest years ever.

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