calorific wood and biofuels

Here are the different heat capacities of the most common biofuels:

Keywords: PCI, calorific value, bio fuel, straw, wood, briquettes, chips, wood boiler, cereals, agricultural waste

The characteristics are given for the following fuels and for different humidity levels:

1) fresh chips from forest
2) Wood chips Stock 1
3) Tree Bark
4) Platelets Joinery
5) Sawdust wood
6) pellets / briquettes
7) Logs "beech"
8) Logs "beech" bis
9) Straw "yellow"
10) Straw "gray" or rods rape
11) Wheat - cereals
12) Rape
13) Sunflower
14) straw Pellets
15) Grass Miscanthus type of elephants

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calorific energy and wood species

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