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Why choose an Italian shower?

Having become the star of decoration magazines, the Italian shower is currently very fashionable. Elegant, aesthetic and practical, the installation of an Italian shower provides multiple advantages and more security. It is the best alternative, especially for the elderly, people with reduced mobility or young children at home. Are you still hesitating? Here is a small overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the Italian shower that will allow you to decide.

What is an Italian shower?

The particularity of the Italian shower is the fact that it is flush with the ground. It is devoid of steps that must be stepped over, unlike a conventional shower or a bathtub. There are therefore no obstacles in the shower area. It is usually open, without a sliding door, but for a touch of personalization, you can install a glass wall. Since this is an open shower model, the shower head will be located opposite the entrance. Thus, the water will flow like in a conventional shower cubicle.

This type of shower is equipped with a tray which, in most cases, is not slippery, whether it is tiled or not. During installation, the owner is free to choose the appropriate floor covering according to the space dedicated to his bathroom. As for the walls, they are optional but not mandatory.

If there are only two types of walk-in showers, the models are numerous. The Italian showers are all provided with a structure which will be fixed to the wall and supported by one or more metal arms in order to guarantee their robustness.

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What are the different types of walk-in showers?

As a reminder, there are two categories of walk-in showers:

  • The walk-in shower with a slight elevation
  • The walk-in shower directly on the floor

The shower with an elevation is an alternative when the dimensions of the bathroom do not offer the possibility of a shower installation without a rim. Either way, the benefits will be the same.

What are the technical characteristics of a walk-in shower?

Walk-in showers are characterized by a drain plug. Indeed, during installation work, you will be asked to choose the shape of your drain: square or round. It can be positioned according to the dimensions of the premises.

In addition to the drain plug, gutters and gutters must also be taken into account during installation. Thus, to ensure the proper functioning and durability of these elements, the manufacturers make the constant effort to offer elements that are both robust and stylish to maintain the elegance so appreciated by a walk-in shower.

Italian shower

What are the different materials used to cover the Italian shower?

One of the advantages with the Italian shower is the fact that it offers a multitude of possibilities, especially for the coating of your shower walls. You can opt for a classic tile, pebbles or even a mosaic according to your preferences.


Classic tiling is recommended if you like the traditional style of bathrooms. In addition, this material is easy to maintain. It only takes a little to make it all shiny.

The pebbles

The pebbles offer a design and natural aspect to the Italian shower. To avoid slipping and other possible accidents associated with this type of coating, it is possible to apply a specific product to them. This process will also protect them from wear.

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Do you have a weakness for the hammam style? Opt without hesitation for the mosaic for the covering of the floor of your shower and your walls.

What are the advantages of the walk-in shower?

The Italian shower provokes enthusiasm for the many advantages it provides. Indeed, in addition to being easily accessible, it offers a pleasant feeling of comfort. It is also appreciated for its spaciousness. Practical, an Italian shower can be installed in a bathroom regardless of its size and location.

Its modular side is also an advantage, because it can receive shower columns for a personalization of the bathroom. Secure, sound non-slip floor avoids any risk of accidents that may be linked to the humidity of the ground. Falls and slips can be fatal in some cases.

The Italian shower does not require any specific maintenance. On the creativity side, the owner has a wide field of action and can give free rein to his creativity. Adopt one or more styles or customize the interior of the walk-in shower to give it a Zen atmosphere, stylized or otherwise.

Italian white shower

What are the installation constraints?

The height

To guarantee the installation of an Italian shower in a bathroom, it must have sufficient height under the ground to properly integrate the water drainage system. All the pipes as well as the siphon will be recessed to have a walk-in shower. However, it is worth mentioning that this constraint only exists during renovation work.

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Installation of an extra-flat receiver

Insofar as there is not enough space to embed the evacuation system, professionals generally opt for the installation of an extra-flat receiver. The latter makes it possible to obtain the walk-in aspect of the Italian shower thanks to a small elevation of the floor of the shower. Although there is a difference in height between the shower and the floor, it will hardly be visible. This type of installation is also less expensive than installing a walk-in shower.

Raising the bathroom floor

There is also another alternative: the total elevation of the floor of the bathroom. However, this solution is more expensive. It is possible to make a drop that will be at the entrance to the bathroom to avoid stepping over a step, which is one of the advantages offered by the Italian shower.

Choose a professional for the installation of a walk-in shower or do it yourself

Despite the fact that the work of installing a walk-in shower can be done yourself, it is more common to hire a professional. Especially if you have opted for the customization of your shower from floor to ceiling. In other words, it is the installation of a custom-made bathroom that can meet your needs and your tastes. You can even go further by adding decorative elements such as spotlights, etc.

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