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Why choose a green electricity supplier?

Environmental commitment and sustainable development, are subjects of increasing concern to households. These values ​​very quickly became essential criteria of choice. However, energy consumption has a major impact on our planet. This is why more and more consumers have let themselves be seduced by green electricity, to take a step towards ecological transition. But what are the advantages of this choice?

Green electricity: what is it?

Green electricity production excludes fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources. It is therefore more respectful of the environment, given that it comes from a clean source and available in unlimited quantities:

  • Solar energy makes it possible to produce electricity via photovoltaic panels,
  • Hydraulic energy is also a source of electricity, in particular thanks to the exploitation of the force of water from dams and tides,
  • Wind energy produced by the wind,
  • Biomass, either biogas, wood, or landfill gas.

Green electricity is currently on the rise, and it is gradually establishing itself in France to cross 50% within a decade.

green electricity

How to choose your green electricity supplier?

There are more and more green electricity providers, with varying offers and conditions. How to choose the best electricity supplier between historical suppliers and alternatives to take advantage of the best contract and advantageous rates?

The selection criteria to consider

Many criteria must be taken into consideration upstream of the subscription to a green electricity offer.

  • The type of subscription is an essential factor that should not be overlooked. It is important to take an interest in the pricing option offered by the supplier. It can be a fixed rate or a full off-peak hour offer. The power of the meter also has an influence on the subscription price.
  • It is also necessary to take note of the detailed conditions of the contract, in particular those related to the evolution of the tariffs, freely fixed by the suppliers. To avoid surprises, you should also find out about possible additional costs in the event of unpaid invoices.
  • The quality of customer service is also an important selection criterion. The availability of advisers is essential to manage your consumption in the best conditions.
  • Finally, informing yourself about the origin of the energy allows you to make sure that the electricity supplied is really green. The guarantees of origin provided by the supplier also mention essential information such as the place of production, the date and the source.

The importance of using a comparator of green electricity suppliers

As you can see, there are many parameters that need to be considered to find the best green electricity offer. It is therefore essential to use a supplier comparator to obtain the contract best suited to your needs at the best price.

As prices vary from one supplier to another, it is therefore wise to have competition. Green electricity comparison platforms invite you to complete a form in a few clicks. You can then obtain several offers that meet your expectations, and make your choice. Some sites put you in direct contact with the chosen supplier, and take care of registering your subscription.

You will understand, a green electricity comparator makes your life easier, and allows you to find the best contract in a few minutes, without having to travel.

The advantages of favoring green electricity

The change to a green world starts with yourself. Preferring green electricity is therefore a way of contributing to environmental protection and the fight against global warming. As it results from the exploitation of inexhaustible natural sources, you can considerably reduce the emission of polluting substances and greenhouse gases. Green electricity does not deprive you of your daily comfort as it manages to meet your daily needs.

According to popular belief, this option is more expensive than conventional electricity. Which is not entirely correct. Offers keep on multiplying, and you just need to find the best ecological electricity supplier to take advantage of the best price.

Faced with the growth of renewable energy, subscribing to a green electricity offer is also a way to support job creation. According to some studies, the transition to 100% renewable energy would create up to more than 300.000 jobs. This choice could also promise a better future for the planet. Increasing demands will encourage market players to favor this ecological production, and will push the State to further promote the transition to a more ecological world.

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