petrolier potential in the Queen Charlotte Basin

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The Department of Earth Sciences and Ocean at the University of Victoria (UVic) has published a study on the potential presence of natural gas and oil in the Queen Charlotte Basin, off British Columbia .

A detailed investigation was conducted into the petroleum system in this geographic area to try to improve the scientific information available on British Columbia's offshore oil and gas reserves. Using advanced computer modeling programs, existing geophysical, geological and geochemical information has been analyzed to better identify factors influencing hydrocarbon formation and accumulation.

The researchers concluded that the necessary conditions for the formation of natural gas and oil were met in the Queen Charlotte Basin. D'after Dr. Michael Whiticar, professor of biogeochemistry has UVic, the delimitation of areas presenting a potential tanker will have different groups to refine their economic and environmental assessment and better target their activities.

This study was funded through the research program "Coast Under Stress" - which addresses the environmental impacts of restructuring, social and economic communities on coastal - and the Minister of Energy and Mines of British Columbia.

- Dr. Michael Whiticar (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences) -
- Steve Simons (BC Offshore Oil and Gas Team, Ministry of Energy and Mines)
- Maria Lironi (UVic Communications) -
Sources: University of Victoria media release, 18 / 11 / 2004
Editor: Delphine Dupre, VANCOUVER,


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