Pollution inside your home: how to reduce it?

Reduce indoor pollution and chemical contaminants in your home

Our homes can contain many contaminants. Some come from living organisms and are grouped as biological contaminants. Examples include bacteria, viruses, mites, animal dander and molds.

Other contaminants, which are not associated with living organisms, are classified as chemical contaminants.

Contaminants, whether biological or chemical in nature, may be in the form of particles (eg dust or fibers) or gases. To ensure good indoor air quality in a home, very low levels of contaminants are required.

The publication entitled A Guide to Clean Air: How to Identify and Fix Your Home's Air Quality Problems contains comprehensive checklists to help you perform a preliminary assessment of your home. The Your Home series leaflet Fighting Mold - A Guide for Homeowners and the publication Mold Removal in Homes deal with mold.

Download the guide: Pollution inside homes, how to reduce it?

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