Atmospheric pollution decreases the life expectancy of Europeans by 8 months.

According to the World Health Organization, particle emissions in the atmosphere have reduced life expectancy in Europe by 8 months. The cost of medical monitoring of people sick because of these particles is very high.

These airborne particles are mainly composed of sulphate, nitrates, ammonium, sodium chloride, carbon, mineral matter and water. The thinnest of them are the most dangerous because they can penetrate deep into the lungs. It is formed by the combustion on the one hand of diesel or gasoline in automobile engines and on the other hand by the combustion of coal, lignite or biomass in thermal power stations producing electricity. Automobile traffic itself, through erosion of pavements as well as abrasion of tires and brakes, also contributes to these harmful emissions.

It is really urgent to finally put in place a responsible transport policy and get out of the automotive society - OD

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