POLLUTEC 2004, training and employment in the environment

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POLLUTEC 2004 honors training and employment in the environment:
The problem training / job environment will be honored at the Salon Pollutec 2004 to be held in Lyon from November 30 3 December within a space of 80 m2 located at the entrance of the Fair. Employment space, organized by the company COGITERRA, visitors concerned may propose their curriculum vitae (CV), which will then be made available to exhibitors. The CV database thus formed will then be available to the departments concerned of the exhibiting companies. These exhibitors communicate their job offers and internships at this central point. The Training area, organized by the company RECYCONSULT, visitors can contact professionals initial, continuing, classic, or the E-training as ESQESE the INHNI, DEMOS, IDRAC / EIT, etc.

On Friday afternoon, a televised debate on "employment and training of tomorrow" will close the event with the participation of the new President of the Interministerial Commission for Sustainable Development, Christian BRODHAG.

• For more information: Space job: info@emploi-environnement.com / training space: direction@recy.net


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