Pollute less and consume on the road

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Some tips to reduce your fuel consumption.

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  • Check regularly the condition of your car. For example, improperly inflated tires or worn to increased fuel consumption, not to mention your safety at stake!
  • Make your engine regularly talksA motor provided not only pollute less but will take you further. Knowing the cost econological of manufacturing a car, we believe you will win.
  • To the extent possible, let your engine warm before you start driving. For example, start before putting on your seat belt ... a few seconds of warming never hurt. Do not "shoot" it when it's cold! This greatly increases the wear on your engine and creates significant overconsumption.
  • Drive smoothlyObserve the speed limits (which are not defined at random in consumption): you eat well 40% less fuel, generating less pollution and less risk of accident.
  • Avoid over-revving engine. Very greedy fuel, not to mention the wear for a power per necessarily transmitted to the wheels. so use wisely the reports.
  • Use the inertia of your vehicle (Release) rather than the engine brake! So you can win in 10 20% in city anticipating good. But be careful that your safety comes first!
  • In Paris, the average speed of the metro is 27 km / h and that of a car 18 km / h ... An average cyclist is almost as fast! You'll save time to leave your car in the garage. Use the car only for longer trips (> 10 km) and favor, when possible, public transport or natural (biking and walking).
  • For trips of less than two kilometers away, try not to take the car. She overconsumption (of 50 80% to%) and surpollue during the first kilometers (the catalytic converter is effective only after 7 km). You should know that 70% of the wear of a motor is during the first laps ... These start-less is much kilometers as possible before the breakage of your engine! To you to think ...
  • Optimize your route according to your activities. Think before you go. Make your stops in a "logical" sense depending on the location of your activities. When you take your car, do several "things" at once and if possible on an optimized course. For example, do not go to the Post Office to send a single letter, but do it at the same time as going shopping, even if you have to wait a day or two (for non-urgent couriers). It's stupid and nasty but it will save you time, money and stress! Do not optimize all the same to the extreme, otherwise the stress factor will be losing ...
  • On vacation, if you have a lot of luggage, opt for a trailer rather than a roof rack increasing fuel consumption more than the trailer
  • Choose recess rather light and efficient cars if you live in town. In this regard the rule is simple, a car is, the more it pollutes.
  • If possible, organize carpooling with coworkersWith friends to take your kids to school, with neighbors for shopping ... Indeed, in France, the average occupancy rate per car is only 1,2 people!
  • Beware of toxic waste (waste oil, solvents, battery acid ...). One liter of used motor oil jetty at the sewer pollutes about one million liters of water ! If you do your interviews you even, bring them to your recycling center.
  • A equivalent cost and to the extent possible, prefer the train rather than car or plane.
  • Generally if possible, choose public transportA car pollutes 10 20 at times more than a bus per passenger (note this is true when the transportation is completed, the average occupancy rate being 35%). In most municipalities have made real efforts to equipment in recent years ... why not enjoy it?


- Submit your tips to reduce fuel consumption?

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